Eoe solutions

Operational Compliance

Site Specific Standards & Procedures

We provide  expertise to  cover all areas of your operations. Our Subject Matter Experts with 20 to 30+ years’ experience work with your staff to develop and integrate site specific standards and procedures.

  • Site specific standard operating procedures
  • Site specific safe operating Procedures
  • Site specific regulatory & environmental standards, procedures and Programs
  • Codes of practice

Operations Support

We have the experience to support your business model in field and plant operations.  We offer operations support on a full-time contract basis or on as needed depending on your business needs.

We provide Management support in all areas of the operation to help streamline the business reduce operating costs.  Our access to knowledgeable and experienced consultants and industry colleagues we can provide expertise and support to,

  • field, plant and pipeline operations
  • regulatory and environmental reporting
  • head office technical groups

Inactive Well Compliance

 We have a complete management program to ensure clients are compliant with the AER’s Inactive Well Compliance Program. The program includes well list development, risk ranking, on site field inspections, maintenance, Digital Data Submissions, classification verification and the scheduling for upcoming inspections. 

Evaluation Services

We provide evaluation and review services to clients so they have in-depth knowledge to make informed decisions about their operations and assets.

  • Pre-purchase/Post-purchase Audits
  • Power Consumption/Usage Reviews
  • Full Tax Reviews