EOE Solutions

Regulatory and Environment

As Regulatory Compliance and Environmental Standards continue to evolve EOE Solutions Ltd. takes care of client reporting requirements.  With our experience, we assist clients with,

  • Identifying an organization’s Federal and Provincial reporting requirements
  • Assist with evaluating infrastructure and data requirements
  • Assist with gathering and compiling correct data 
  • Prepare final reports
  • Complete online submissions

We will ensure Provincial and Federal reporting obligations are met on time. Regulatory  and Environmental reporting services include,

  • Environmental Services/Compliance
  • Regulatory Services/Compliance
  • Measurement Schematics
  • Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP)
  • Fugitive Emission Management Plan (FEMP)
  • Methane Reduction & Retrofit Compliance Plan (MRRCP)
  • Monthly Flare/Fuel/Vent Reporting
  • Dehydrator Engineering and Operations Sheet (DEOS)
  • National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI)
  • Greenhouse Gas Reporting GHG




Unlock your project’s full potential with EOE SOLUTIONS LTD. Our seasoned consulting and engineering team collaborates closely with you to enhance efficiencies in both new and existing facilities and infrastructure projects.

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