Eoe solutions


EOE solutions

Pipeline Integrity Management

At EOE Solutions Ltd. our people have several decades of experience in the pipeline segment of the oil and gas industry. We have expertise in,


– Pipeline construction project management and supervision

– Pipeline operations leadership and management

– Pipeline integrity management, audits and support

– Pre and post purchase audits of pipeline compliance

    We have a working alliance with Solutioncorp Inc. who are a leading pipeline integrity and compliance company for the oil and gas industry.  Their experience and knowledge includes:

    • Pipeline Integrity
    • In-line Camera Inspections
    • Aerial Pipeline Right of Way Inspections
    • Corrosion Monitoring
    • AER Directive 56 Submissions
    • Pipeline Abandonment and Discontinuation
    • Pipeline Manual and IMP Design
    • Fugitive Emission
    • Operator Competency Profiles
    • Data Management
    • Risk Assessments
    • Pressure Equipment Integrity Management